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Our Specialization

Akili IT Services focuses on Intelligent Information Management (IIM) solutions for multiple industry verticals and use cases.

Content Services

Drawing from disparate sources, Content Services Platforms securely bring the right content to the right user at the right time, across the enterprise.


Process Automation

Process Automation speeds up execution of manual and repetitive tasks, thereby freeing human capital to focus on more critical decision-making tasks.


Digital Collaboration

Digital Collaboration brings together employees, business partners and stakeholders across different locations to seamlessly and efficiently work together.


Managed Services

Our Specialist Managed Services Practice provides our IIM offering on a managed short-term or long-term basis.


We bring tangible value to our clients

We aspire to meet our client needs and provide them with outputs that will help them achieve their business goals. Our key strength lies in our sublime ability to produce software solutions at record speed all while maintaining a principled approach that makes our offerings suitable for every business environment.

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