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Collaboration Solutions

Akili IT Services is inspired by the evolution of the modern workplace. To that end we assist organisations in implementing collaboration solutions that assist in making remote work easier.

Microsoft-based Collaboration Solutions

Our team of experienced business analysts operates with rich, reliable, and robust business intelligence tools to build a powerful business frame.

Microsoft Teams provides the most comprehensive set of collaboration tools that keeps growing. Akili assists organisations in configuring and supporting Microsoft Teams.

Akili collects raw data from various sources to present you with ready to be analyzed information. We use our experience and the latest tools in the process of BI reporting.

The Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process is responsible for pulling out data from different sources and put it in a single data warehouse. The extraction consists of pulling data out of sources like SAP, ERP and other online systems; transforming includes cleaning, filtering, sorting and organizing it as per business rules and; loading is simply data uploading in repositories known as data warehouses.

We display the real-time status of all the business processes and metrics in BI dashboards. This provides the functionality for organisations to track the performances of specific departments, and their functions in real time, thus unlocking efficiencies that will enable them to perform better every day.

Akili IT Services & Power BI

Microsoft has made an easy-to-use suite for your Business Intelligence needs and that’s why many organisations are already operating Power BI. However, upfront technical expertise is required to utilize numerous advantages of Power BI. Consultants working at Akili possess years of in-field experience of Business Intelligence and good technical knowledge to make a powerful BI solution for you.

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