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Enterprise Content Management

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services and solutions help businesses build an intellectual business management procedure that is cohesive, confident, and competitive. The electronic document and record management system (EDRMS) fabricated by our team of experts brings modern and technology-oriented ways of operation in your organization.

Using robust software like Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365, we help businesses capture useful content from unstructured data. The automatic classification, extraction, and management of data bring efficiency and agility in your workflow while simultaneously reducing operational costs.

We assist enterprises in attaining capabilities that will guide them in managing content and information more effectively over its lifecycle. Our document management System include identifying, capturing, classifying, organizing, managing, storing, utilizing, preserving, governing, retaining, delivering, maintaining, and destroying the information.

Record files such as reports, contracts, paper invoices, memos, spreadsheets, emails, messages are the documents that hold your business transactions intact. They contain important information and confidential content, and the retention, assessment, and destruction of records come under strict compliance requirements and policies. Akili provides digital solutions and software that help organizations store, maintain and make the necessary records accessible for both business procedures and compliance audits.

Our expertly implemented ECM technologies and well-governed EDRMS provide organizations with rich content management and collaboration platforms to digitize information, boost effectiveness, and automate workflow. We use custom integration solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint to make intranets, portals, and extranets to boost your business’ overall productivity. Our portals are time-saving, effective and cost-efficient for your employees, management, customers, and vendors.

Transform your Organisational Management

Akili IT Services offers you the complete set of Enterprise Content Management skills to capture, document, activate, analyze, protect, and collaborate with content for greater insight and action. Through our ECM implementation and integration techniques, we enable businesses to take full advantage of customer information and company data embedded in documents, and records.

Engage customers

Enhance efficiency

Enable business insight

Strengthen collaboration

Promote transparency

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with the Microsoft Office. Primarily used as a document management and sharing platform, SharePoint also serves as a Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business process management (BPM), and Business intelligence (BI) tool.

Manage internal communication

Customize workflow

Streamline teamwork

Share information

Centralized management

Employee engagement

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